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    Capacio & Sigma Technology

    Unikt samarbete mellan Capacio och Sigma Technology när avancerad dataanalys gifter sig med modern hjärnforskning.

    Capacio is born – Game Intelligence taking a break

    Game Intelligence Sweden AB is changing its name to Capacio AB. After a period of focused product research & development, we are now…

    Increase Effectiveness of Blind Recruitment – with Deep Cognitive Assessment

    Blind recruitment is an increasingly popular method for unbiased and fair evaluation. It means that details such as gender, name...

    Predrag Petrovic on Your Inner Monologue

    The Swedish TV show Malou efter Tio invited Cognitive Neuroscientist and psychiatrist Predrag Petrovic to talk about the inner...

    John Axelsson – Cognitive Abilities during Lack of Sleep

    John Axelsson, professor in sleep and expert in Neuroscience has together with a research group at Karolinska Institutet conducted a…

    Predrag Petrovic on Executive Function in Our Cognitive Profile

    Cognitive Neuroscientist and psychiatrist Predrag Petrovic visited the Swedish podcast Psykologisk Forskning discussing his…

    John Axelsson on Sleep & the Effect on Cognitive Functions

    The awareness of how sleep affects cognitive functions can help many individuals. And cognition is extensively measurable – with…

    Cognitive expert Predrag Petrovic on Cognition & Fear on SR P1

    Cognitive Neuroscientist and psychiatrist Predrag Petrovic visited Sveriges Radio P1, Kropp & Själ to discuss...

    Christine Bedinger in Powerful Women – How cognitive know-how fosters Talent Acquisition

    Chrisine Bedinger is a Licensed psychologist and Specialist in Neuropsychology. She is a Scandinavian expert in adapting and…

    Capacio Experts’ Research about Sleep and Brain Functions Featured in Svenska Dagbladet

    Lack of sleep can quickly affect our brain function, emotion control and concentration, with or without diagnosis.

    Capacio Expert’s Research on Football and Executive Functions Featured in The Guardian

    The Guardian has featured research performed by our expert Predrag Petrovic on football / soccer and executive functions in an…

    Capacio Experts Published New Study: Relation Between ADHD, Sleep and Performance

    In a study published in the research journal Biological Psychiatry - Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging, our experts Predrag…

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