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    Webinar i samarbete med Playmaker AI

    Unlock the Power of Brain-Based (Self)Leadership

    Embark on a transformative journey with our online course, “Brain-Based (Self)Leadership”. Commencing on November 22, this course is…

    Capacio, one of the Life Science Inspirators at Lindholmen Open Day

    Capacio is excited to announce our participation in the annual Lindholmen Open Day event, where we will be discussing how to "Unlock…

    The Paradigm Shift – Due diligence with the NeuroCognitive Performance Tests

    As an investor, would you invest in an A-team with a B-idea? Or a B-team with an A-idea? With NeuroCognitive Performance Test can…

    Sharper Due Diligence of Founders before Investing

    Capacio NeuroCognitive Performance tests make the due diligence of the founders reliable for investors. Higher predictability and…

    Lean methodology combined with cognitive strengths and weaknesses is the recipe for success at Vardagsfrid

    Meet Torkel Kristoffers, the CEO of Vardagsfrid, in an interview about sustainable business practices that encompass both cleaning…

    The Park Talks

    Our CEO and Co-Founder at Capacio recently had the opportunity to share our vision on The Park Talk, where we discussed how we're…

    Capacio and PlaymakerAI Initiate Collaboration to Create Unique Football Insights

    Capacio and PlaymakerAI have entered into a partnership agreement, which entails integrating Capacio's unique cognitive tests and…

    Capacio & Sigma Technology

    Unikt samarbete mellan Capacio och Sigma Technology när avancerad dataanalys gifter sig med modern hjärnforskning.

    Capacio is born – Game Intelligence taking a break

    Game Intelligence Sweden AB is changing its name to Capacio AB. After a period of focused product research & development, we are now…

    Increase Effectiveness of Blind Recruitment – with Deep Cognitive Assessment

    Blind recruitment is an increasingly popular method for unbiased and fair evaluation. It means that details such as gender, name...

    Predrag Petrovic on Your Inner Monologue

    The Swedish TV show Malou efter Tio invited Cognitive Neuroscientist and psychiatrist Predrag Petrovic to talk about the inner...

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