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You want to strengthen your operation and/or customer offerings with the sharpest cognitive tools and have access to leading behavioral experts, and thus understanding and mapping talent, capacity and potential on a deeper level.

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Why Become a Capacio Partner

To get the deepest insight into human behavior and functioning. And from there improve any decision related to people and to optimize your or your client’s chances to free potential and become the best possible.

Capacio Partner

How does it work

You can partner with us in several ways

Stand-alone assessments

A SaaS-service for talent acquisition

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Implement our digital platform in your system through our API

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Strategic Partner

We customize the setup based on your needs

Our API Supports

  • Test configuration and distribution
  • Large scale testing
  • Automatic reporting with dashboards and individual reports
  • Customer success
  • Expert advisory
  • Customer success
  • Expert advisory