Who We Are

A unique team of cognitive experts,

AI experts and developers


A Deep tech provider based on substantial scientific breakthrough in measuring and explaining the link between cognition, behavior and performance within business, sports, education, health, defense and other areas.

A digital platform with the sharpest tools for understanding human ability, capacity, talent and potential.

An offer that includes both SaaS-services to end customers in talent acquisition and talent management and a scalable partner platform that can be integrated in any business benefiting from sharper assessments and understanding of human behavior and performance.


Passionate and People Friendly


Evidence-based testing with the highest validity. By and with cognitive experts all the way.


Digital, AI-driven with result translated to context.


We measure and explain the dynamics and complexity of human functioning.

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Understanding yourself and others on a deeper level based on trusted tools is truly amazing.


As some of the data we provide may be sensitive we pay extra attention to handling and presenting this information as carefully and respectfully as possible caring about individual integrity.


There is no good or bad cognitive profile. Just different profiles. Our aim is for the insights we bring to be used in the most inclusive way as possible. It is both about the right person at the right place and to create the right place for any person.

In the middle of the 20th century, the scientists discovered that intelligence was not enough to explain behavior or changes in behavior. They realized that executive functions and the frontal lobe is the node that control our mental processes, our thinking and thus our behavior.

Since then, sharp assessments of essential cognitive abilities have constantly been developed and applied, leading up to an evidence base that is impressive. The tools were for obvious reasons originally developed in health care, meaning they, and the know-how, have stayed in the academies and the psychiatric clinics, until now. Assessing and helping people with disabilities.

Around 2010 Capacio’s co-founder, Predrag Petrovic and his team of scientists at Karolinska Institutet realized that no one had, on any scale, thought of using these sharp tools on the market to improve self (insight), selection, (self) leadership, collaboration, conflict handling and much. It is of course the same abilities that are in operation also when things work ok or very well.

Even though the evidence is massive, a new concept or application always needs to be proven to the world. As a proof of principle, soccer – the world’s most popular sport – was chosen. It is easy to understand that in order to play on a top level, you need a brain that is fast in processing information, decision making, adapting and is precise enough.

The scientists set out to predict performance. Following a large number of elite soccer players for several years, they managed to predict with > 75 % hit-rate who would make the most correct passes and goals. The study hit the world like a bomb and was rapidly one of the most clicked and cited Swedish scientific articles 2012. Media from all over the world reported about the findings.

Since the breakthrough from academy to market, 100’s of scientific teams globally has recreated the findings and added to the know-how across many different sports and other activities.

As the research went on, the scientists and group of entrepreneurs decided to start Capacio, or as it was originally called – Game Intelligence. Together with pioneering companies many enlightening projects were carried out with top management in major Swedish companies to profile, select, coach and develop leaders and teams, and increase awareness to make better use of individual and joint cognitive capacity and potential.

Game Intelligence relates to the ability to perform a game successfully. Simply put, to be able to produce successful behavior. Independently of what game we are playing, we need to understand cognitive capacity to make optimal use of our cognitive resources in order to act successfully. As the term “game intelligence” may lead the thoughts in different direction, it was decided to go for a more neutral and relevant name. As we are assessing capacity, we decided to go for Capacio.

The natural ability to behave successfully is individual and related to context. This natural ability is what we call talent. What many seem to forget is that this is about cognition. Without the brain, we are just a piece of meat. For others this comes harder, or they have chosen to “play a game” that requires cognitive control that may be harder.

And here comes the beauty: There is no good or bad cognitive profile. We just have different strengths and weaknesses. What is a strength, or a weakness, depends on the context and successful behavior depends on our awareness and ability to make use of our resources. Independently of their capacity. This means everybody will gain from better understanding their own, and others, cognitive profile and capacity. In order to optimize and compensate behavior in different contexts.