Capacio expert Predrag Petrovic and his research team at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, published a new study in the Nature Publishing Group Journal in Scientific Reports on how cognitive flexibility may relate to success of elite soccer players.

"Level of play and coach-rated game intelligence are related to performance on design fluency in elite soccer players"

For more information, go ahead and read the full study here or access his blog about the study on Behavioral and Social Sciences at Nature Research.

On top, we are excited to announce that we will soon offer a webinar “Listen to the Expert” with Predrag Petrovic about the study results, executive functions and the science behind it. Executive functions and cognitive flexibility are not only connected to soccer but also relevant to gain deeper insights into behavior and performance in general.

Summary of the study and what the results mean for individuals and businesses

The study sets out to understand how executive brain functions – innate abilities – are the underlying mechanisms that to a large extent explain successful and less successful human behavior and performance.

In soccer, executive functions such as cognitive flexibility relate strongly to game intelligence, the ability to read a game and then quickly and accurately adjust behavior dynamically. This is a prerequisite for reaching an overall goal in a constantly changing environment and in the end overall success as a soccer player. Just like in sports, dynamics and new emerging situations occur equally in people’s day-to-day lifes and at the work place requiring an executive capacity for constant adaptations of (competitive) behavior and actions as well as sometimes quick strategy revisions. Understanding one’s very own executive functions and the related strengths and weaknesses can help to be more successful in terms of career or simply life in general. And for business to become better at securing the right person at the right place and time.

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