As of immediate effect Håkan Nilsson, CEO and Founder of IT logistics company Zinnovate International, will be functioning as a Senior Advisor to and Member of the Board of Capacio AB. At the same time, his company Zinnovate International will enter the Capacio Partner Program.

STOCKHOLM. Capacio AB is pleased to announce that as from now on, Håkan Nilsson, CEO and Founder of IT logistics company Zinnovate International, joins the Board of Capacio as a Senior Advisor while his company Zinnovate International will enter Capacio partner program in piloting Capacio cognitive assessment testing and services – Game Analysis. Being a young and fast accelerating digital company in Sweden, Capacio is very excited to welcome such an experienced, well-known and knowledgeable expert with a broad network on board. Håkan will be a valuable contribution in lifting Capacio to a whole new level.

During more than 30 years’ experience in the global forwarding and freight industry, including positions as CIO at TNT Freight Management and Geodis Wilson, Håkan has built a far-reaching expert knowledge and experience in relation to data, IT systems and services, digital innovation and disrupting business models, making him an extraordinary fit and complement to the board of Capacio. In his former positions, Håkan always payed foremost attention to customer satisfaction and orientation while not losing his focus to maximize shareholder value perfectly matching Capacio’s values. His certifications and awards confirm the industry-leading performance and experience, e.g. Best European CEO in the IT Management Logistics Industry 2017 or CIO of the year in 2008.

 “30 years of leading global teams taught me that people decisions are by far the most important ones you ever make. I’m super thrilled to partner up with Capacio on a digital journey to help companies move from bias- to evidence-based people selection and development.”- Håkan Nilsson, CEO Zinnovate International

Zinnovate International to join Capacio Partner Program

In 2013, Håkan established Zinnovate International with a definitive goal in mind: to help large-scale logistic firms realize the full value of their IT investments. Now, Capacio is honored to welcome the company to its Partner Program. The Stockholm-based firm stands out from its peers for its bespoke IT service offerings, which combine efficient business processes with the very latest technological products. Moreover, the company enjoys a global reach through its network of international partners – an added bonus for clients, as the company always stays abreast of the latest technological innovations.

“Håkan Nilsson is a world-recognised leader dedicated to improving the IT capabilities of businesses in the supply chain. His knowledge of IT and experience in the industry is second to none and we’re delighted to have him in the Board and welcome Zinnovate to our partner program.”- Ander Norén, CEO Capacio AB

Håkan’s and thus Zinnovate’s vision, pragmatic approaches and success moving forward builds upon three underlying pillars: transformation technology, processes and people. While he has proven to be successful in delivering solution for all of these, Capacio will help Zinnovate in the future through the assessment of executive capacity and abilities in form of cognitive testing to especially excel in the people dimension.

Zinnovate realizing the need and signing up for the Capacio Partner Program to apply Capacio’s services in the logistics industry with millions of employees is a great confirmation of Capacio’s existing, attractive value proposition and offering towards companies, employers and people operating on global scales.

If you or your company is also interested in becoming part of the Capacio Partner Program, send us an email via the contact form on our website.

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