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Our logo symbolizes brain capacity, thoughts, and growth

Game Intelligence Sweden AB is changing its name to Capacio AB. After a period of focused product research & development, we are now entering a new phase. A phase characterized by sales, brand building, and marketing taking center stage, alongside the continued development of our modern tools. As a name, Capacio meets the criteria of being accessible, unique, and informative. As well as being a neutral blank slate onto which we can engrave our unique knowledge, content, and stories.

Our tests measure cognitive capacity, i.e., innate/inherent ability, with a strong connection to talent and potential. Capacio means capacity in Greek (“Even the ancient Greeks”).

The graphic symbol represents a stylized brain – after all, our brains are the birthplace of all activities and ideas. The soft shapes signal that we care about and are careful with our users and their privacy when managing data and displaying test results. We measure many thought processes, which is why it also resembles a thought bubble. Finally, it has the shape of a mushroom – a good and nutritious veggie – which reflects our growth goal to democratize and spread the tools. It also acts as a metaphor for how we want users to keep sprouting from the ground.

Game Intelligence takes a break

The Game Intelligence brand is taking a bit of a breather but will be revived as a product concept involving sports where the term is well established. Capacio Game Intelligence.

New Corporate Webpage

A name change is a momentous occasion that calls for a fancy celebration. We’re throwing a party for Capacio in the form of a new website: Our goal is to create a living, breathing site with an evergreen resource tab (blog) that provides insightful educational information, helping us to drive interested traffic that wants to come back after reading. Make sure you get the latest news on cognition, behavior, testing, use cases, and VIP offers by signing up for our newsletter.

The corporate page includes the full offer ranging from integration (API), standalone SaaS services, and strategic partnership. It also makes visible several existing and/or feasible use cases.

New Corporate Webpage

Cognitive Tribe

The Cognitive Tribe

A podcast initiative by Capacio

“The Cognitive Tribe” is the brainchild of Capacio CEO & co-founder Anders Norén, and former school leader of the year, Hans Jakobsson. The idea is to explore the power of cognition in an informative, fun, and personal way by talking to leading experts in the area as well as interesting people with a brain and an interest in cognition.. Our motto is “Without our brains, we are just a piece of meat.”

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Capacio Talent

Retooling the missing piece in talent acquisition

Capacio Talent

Our SaaS service for sharper talent acquisition is being renamed Capacio talent. We are currently onboarding early customers that want to be at the forefront of assessment, employer branding, and understanding of talents’ potential.

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Unique assessment with an attractive business model

The service is built to handle both volume testing and sharp analysis on an individual level. The business model offers a free trial, free unlimited testing, and pay-per-view at attractive prices. At this stage, training and support are included, and unique cognitive expert advisory can be added for an extra cost.

Capacio Talent’s new features

With the relaunch comes a suite of new features that you can learn more about in our latest release notes.

Free trial

Anyone can sign up and try the tool. Book a time with our customer success to walk through the tool and the result.

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Enhanced Cognitive Report

Clearer explanation of results.

Expert Advisory Booking

People are dynamic and complex. Talking to an expert adds several layers of information and facilitates decision making.

Enhanced Personality++ Report

Easier to interpret. Includes empathy, social style, impulsivity and emotional regulation.

More User-Friendly Customer Portal

Faster and easier to use than ever before.

New Requirement Specification for Mapping Cognition and Assignment

Helping users to relate and interpret the result.

Updated Age-Norm

Enhanced normal distribution and age-adapted results.

Coming Up

A Cognitive Team Application

Adding unique and valuable insights into team functioning. In terms of cognition, behavior and performance. Strengths and weaknesses in relation to targets and challenges. Awareness of oneself and other’s ability and capacity and much more. Keep an eye out and give us a call if you want to be an early adopter.

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